Wireless Solutions

Be wireless at your place of business.

Adding flexibility and mobility to your checkout process can improve customer services and expand your sales.

With Global wireless solutions, transactions can be processed securely and swiftly, allowing your customer to pay on the spot. In addition to the convenience to your customer you also add common payment options to your card acceptance plan.

  • Increased Payment Options - Using a wireless point of sale terminal allows you to accept card types typically not accepted when conducting transactions without a dedicated phone line. Using a wireless device also allows you to process Debit Card transactions, or even Gift Cards.
  • Expanded Range - With a long-range wireless device, you can process transactions regardless of location, as long as you have network connectivity. And our convenient short-range devices can process within a few hundred feet of the docking station.
  • Security - Alleviate your customer's concerns by never having the card leave their possession; the customer remains in control of the card during the entire transaction.
  • Cost Savings - Processing a card while the card is present generally provides the best rate possible for your business.

Long-Range Wireless
Your payment solution requires only network connectivity for transaction processing. If you keep your payment device in a fixed location and want to eradicate tangled telephone cords, or if you travel with your payment device and need the ability to process a transaction from a variety of locations, a long-range wireless solution such as the Verifone Vx610 is right for your business.

Short-Range Wireless
With short-range, the base of the payment terminal is connected to a phone line, but the actual device can be lifted off and operated within a few hundred feet of the base. If you need limited range portability, consider a short-range wireless solution such as the Ingenico 7780.