Premium Services

Giving your customers comprehensive payment options and premium service ensures you'll be their designated pit-stop wherever the miles take them. But to keep up with their pace, you need a payment processor that offers high-speed authorizations, customized pre-paid cards and innovative reporting solutions. As the premier payment processor for the petroleum industry, Global is the payment solutions company for you.

  • Leading-edge Communications - Your authorizations and verifications go through quickly and securely, using dialup 950 and 800 service, frame relay, TCP/IP, radio frequency, ISDN and VSAT. Flexible platform options include stand-alone, networked, PC or integrated systems.
  • Payment Methods - With Global, you can accept all major credit and debit cards, private label cards, EBT, and T&E cards.
  • Added Functionality - Enhanced managerial and marketing statistical functions such as tracking cash sales, price changes and price per gallon.
  • Fraud Protection - With Velocity Fraud Checking, you can reduce fraud potential at the pump and with employees.
  • Comprehensive Reports - Your reports can be built to your planning and retrieval needs - letting you view shift and batch totals sorted by card type, batch and transaction detail, end-of-day reports, product reports, PLUs and price-per-gallon analysis. Plus you can get email reports delivered to you each morning.
  • Security - Multi-level passwords give you control of sensitive information like product coding or price setting. Our extensive fraud protection includes last-four-digit re-entry, manually-keyed transaction indicators and track 1/track 2 reading.
  • Flexible Platforms - Our options include stand-alone, ECRs (Electronic Cash Registers) and pay-at-the-pump applications in either petroleum or c-store environments. We support many brands of gas cards including Wright Express, Voyager, Fleet One, FleetCor (Fuelman/Gascard), Visa Fleet and MasterCard Fleet.
  • Chargeback and Retrieval Handling - Our expert, aggressive chargeback and retrieval handling can help protect the sales you've already made. We can often act on your behalf, preventing chargebacks before they occur.
  • Experienced Technical Support - In addition to your own account management team, you will also have access to our experienced technical helpdesk experts and retrieval/chargeback resolution specialists 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are always on duty to help, no matter when you need them.