PC Solutions

Solutions that turn your PC into a payment powerhouse.

iTerminal - The full-functioned retail iTerminal application is easily accessible on the Internet. With it and a USB mag-stripe reader, you can perform everything from sales authorizations and refunds to voids, prior authorized sales and settlement, just as you would with a Point-of-Sale terminal.

Orbital Virtual Terminal - The card-not-present virtual terminal application performs the processing functions of a physical POS terminal, and is accessed from your web browser. Virtual Terminal supports a full range of functions: authorization only, authorization and capture, refunds and voids. And, in addition to basic payment data, you can also enter optional order data including customer name, phone number, e-mail address and order tracking number.

Preferred PC Products - Many industry-leading software providers have certified with First Data to offer processing services to power their payment processing solutions. The third party solutions below have the added benefit of being available to you for purchase directly from Global Merchant Service.

  • VeriFone PCCharge Pro
    PCCharge Pro is an award-winning product that helps merchants by reducing fraud losses (saving time and money) while providing powerful features and performance at the point of sale. PCCharge Pro is a feature-rich, cost-effective solution, whether you are a retail or direct marketing brick-and-mortar store, a mail-order/telephone order enterprise or an e-commerce business.