Fighting Fraud in 'Card Present' Scenarios

We can help you protect your business against unnecessary losses.

While the rate of fraudulent transactions, which occur in the card present environment, is generally low, we understand that any loss impacts your bottom line. To assist you in protecting your business against unnecessary losses from fraud and chargebacks, we offer the following products and services. (Please note that, while not all of the products and services listed below are available to or appropriate for all of our merchants, the helpful tips and tricks are available to everyone.)

Online Reporting
Timely access to your transaction data allows you to quickly identify trends that might be indicative of fraudulent activity or improper operating procedures. We can help you identify transactions and trends, which may indicate a need for corrective measures company-wide or at an individual location.

State-of-the-art POS Equipment
From support of AVS and CVV2/CVC2 to duplicate card checking, last-4 digit entry and password protection of key functions, our POS equipment options offer the latest technology to help protect your business from both internal and external fraud.

Authorization Services
Protect yourself at the point of sale by receiving an authorization response at the time of the transaction. Global Merchant and First Data supports redundant processing systems to ensure that the issuer's authorization is passed to you as quickly as possible.

Check Verification
If you accept checks at the point of sale, add a level of protection with check verification or check guarantee. You can even process credit cards and checks on the same device with an Eclipse. If you are a current merchant, contact customer service to find out more. If you are not yet a merchant and would like to discuss available options, contact sales.

Customer Service and Chargeback support
Our experienced customer service representatives and chargeback specialists can answer your questions about fraud and assist you in responding to any chargebacks you do receive. Contact customer service online or give them a call at the number found on your most recent merchant statement.